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Employee Status Change Email

Employee Status Change Email is a scheduled task set to send out a notification, if the person status lookup was deactivated while is set on one custodian record, the notification contains details of the affected custodians and the hold he/she has been assigned to. 

How to update the Employee status?

  1. Go to Manage people →  People List

  2. From the list, choose a people record and Click edit to set the employee status as shown:


  3. And click Save Person at the bottom of the page.


How to run the Employee Status Change Email schedule task?


  1. Go to Scheduled task Employee Status Change Email

  2. You can edit this setting by clicking the edit icon.

  3. In the Add Email Address(es) tab:

    1. Add email address in the tab provided.
    2. Use the toggles to set whom to receive the notifications.
    3. And then click continue.
  4. Schedule notifications tab:
    Update the scheduling settings for the task

  5. You can run the scheduled task by clicking the run icon.
  6. In the pop up window, click the Yes, Run Now button.
  7. The manager will receive an notification mail as shown below:

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