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Early termination Employees

The Early Termination Employees Email is a scheduled task that is to set an early termination date for any person by processing a CSV stored in the defined FTP server, and if the person is a custodian send out an email to the manager's custodian, notifying the update in the early termination field.


How to set an Early Termination date and manager name manually?

  1. Go to Manage People →  People List

  2. From the list, choose a people record and Click edit to set the early termination date manually.

  3. Turn on the toggle and enter the Early Termination Date.


  4. You can also choose  a manager as shown:

  5. Now prepare the CSV with this manager's details and by adding the termination date and then append the CSV. 

How to run the early termination employees schedule task?

  1. Go to Schedule task → Early Termination Employees

  2. You can edit this setting by clicking the edit icon.

  3. You’ll get to see the Add FTP Details step as follows:

Download sample CSV allows the users to download the early termination employee details. This file can be edited to set the early termination for the employees. The following are the fields in the download CSV file:

  • ATTUID: Employee ID related to the person
  • termination_date: The early termination date of the employee.
    CSV file content

FTP settings: 

  • FTP URL Address: Enter the URL address of the file.
  • FTP Site Username: Enter the FTP site username of the file.
  • FTP Site Password:  Enter the password to access the FTP server.

Authentication with private key: Enter the Private key shared by server administrator to authenticate the secured login.

PGP Encryption: Turn on the Enable PGP Description toggle to read PGP encrypted files, Enter the password set for the encrypted file in the Passphrase field,  And paste the private key in the Key field.

The File is Pipe Delimited toggle enables the users to read the files that are using the pipeline delimiter. Choose the valid date format from the Date format dropdown.

Requires Pre-processing  toggle enables pre-processing the file and adds some extra validations for the CSV file if the following features are enabled:

  • Has header?: by enabling this feature the task evaluates whether the CSV file contains the ATTUID and termination_date headers.
  • Previous delimiter: users can add delimiter characters in this field.
  1. In the Schedule Import step, users can set the date and time when to run the task and can schedule the task intervals daily, weekly, and monthly tasks.

  2. When you click on the View Early termination employee link, you will see the email template, which is sent to the managers of the different custodians.

  3. You can run the scheduled task by clicking the run icon.

  4. In the pop-up window, click the Yes, Run Now button.

  5. The manager will receive early termination information for the manager's employee, as long as the employee has been added as a custodian in at least one hold.

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