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Optional Functions

This option allows for complicated calculations and functions and is recommended for advanced users only.

The tab opens to Advanced Options from the Optional Functions sidebar by default. Advanced Options layout may vary according to the different types of data previously chosen.

Optional Functions Sidebar

Sums: Fields With Values pulls up any column selected that contains numeric values. Choosing one or more of these fields results in that field being summarized in the report. For example, if you want a sum of invoices you would select to sum the field here. You can select one or more of these items.

Calculated Fields gives you the option to create an arithmetic function within a report for one set of data. If you select "TotalAmount" in the Sums: Fields With Values list you must select "Sum of TotalAmount" in the Calculated Fields: Fields With Values box to the bottom right. If you select "None" or "Percent" then you cannot select "Sum of TotalAmount" in the Calculated Fields: Fields with Values box. These are based on the Step 4 numeric value. The Operator symbols are as follows: Addition (+), Subtractions (-), Multiplication (*), and Division (/). Use division with caution—if the program is asked to divide a number by zero, an error occurs.

When using Calculated Fields you must choose an Alias. This is the name of the column where the calculated information appears in the final report. This column name cannot be blank or have spaces.

Values in the And’s or Or’s data field can be entered directly by those who understand SQL. Otherwise, the values are added from the Display Info. and Criteria tabs.

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