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Step 4: Select Sorting Fields

The next step sorts the information within a specific column. Each column is sorted in ascending order unless the Descending Order box is checked, thus sorting the column in descending order.

To set the first and primary sort order, select the desired field in the Primary Sort box. If this is the only field you wish to have sorted, click Save and proceed to the next step. If the data needs to be sorted further, select the desired field in the Secondary Sort box, then the Third Sort box, then the Fourth Sort Box, if desired. The Primary Sort field should be set to Type for best results.

Report Writer Sorting Fields

Note: You have to sort in order: Primary—Secondary—Third—Fourth. You cannot do a Primary Sort and then a Fourth Sort. For example: To organize the report by matter type then by matter name, select “Matter Type” in the Primary Sort box, and select “Matter Name” in the Secondary Sort box. The report shows the rows in order by matter type, and then within each matter type sort the rows by the matter name.

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