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Setting-Up the Lawtrac Application

Requirements prior to setting up the Lawtrac application.

The following is required prior to installing the Lawtrac application:

  • Web server has been installed with a successful HTTP connection
  • ColdFusion has been installed with the ability to successfully log in to ColdFusion administrator
  • ColdFusion has been connected to an SMTP (Send Mail) server (via ColdFusion Administrator | Server Settings | Mail)
  • SQL Server has been installed on the database server
  • Database and Web servers have been set up to allow for communication between both servers

In addition to documentation, the items sent to you contains one of two packages depending on your company’s preference:

  1. Conversion Database Setup
    1. Custom Tags (Supporting DLL & Java Files)
    2. Application
    3. Lawtrac.LT file
    4. Converted Database
    5. Currency Database
    6. Client Storage Database
    7. Activity Database
  2. Blank Database Setup
    1. Custom Tags (Supporting DLL & Java Files)
    2. Application
    3. LAWTRAC.LTO file
    4. Blank Database
    5. Currency Database
    6. Client Storage Database
    7. Activity Database (optional)
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