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Flagging a Report

Flagged reports are reports that you flag as favorites so that they appear in the My Flagged Reports section. The My Flagged Reports section is on the top left side of the Report Listing page.

My Flagged Reports

Flag a Report

  1. Open a report from the list of reports on the Report Listing page.
  2. Click the Flag as Favorite link on the right side below the report.
    Flag as Favorite Link
    Note: You can only flag up to 10 reports. The Flag As Favorite link does not appear if 10 reports are already flagged.
  3. Click the link for a colored flag to assign that flag to the report. The colors of the flags do not mean anything in Lawtrac. Flag them according to how you want to distinguish different reports.
    Select Flag Color

Remove a Flag

  1. From the My Flagged Report section, click the trash_can icon next to the report.
  2. Click OK to confirm the removal.
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