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Adding/Calculating VAT Tax

Here's how to add or calculate VAT tax.

The VAT & Taxes tab (located in the middle of the main invoice page) allows you to take the tax rate for a geographic region and multiply that rate against:

  • The entire matter amount
  • Fee (hourly) items only
  • Disbursement (expense) items only

To calculate the value added tax (VAT) for an invoice:

  1. Click the VAT & Taxes tab on the invoice main page.
  2. Click one of the Reference Amounts (i.e. Fees, Disbursements, Total) to distinguish what type of tax you are adding.


  1. Select the appropriate country from the Taxation Reference List drop-down menu. The "Rate" and "Amount to Add" fields update automatically based on the selection. You can also manually type an amount into these fields.

  2. Select a category, such as Tariff or General, from the "Categorize As" drop-down list.

  3. Click Record to save.

  4. Select Here to see the recorded amount.

  • To adjust more amounts within this tab, click Edit Tax/VAT. Your previously adjusted amounts show under "Currently Recorded", "Computed Rate", and/or "Computed Total".


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