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How do I create an invoice in Lawtrac?

Invoices can be entered into Lawtrac two ways:

  1. They can be imported by utilizing LEDES code e-Billing.
  2. They can be typed in manually.

If you add invoices manually, add them from the Invoice Management page under the Finance tab.

You can add two kinds of invoices:

  • Detailed—Invoices with budget line item information. Click Add New Detailed Invoice to add this type of invoice.
  • Summary—Invoices that include the summary totals. Click Add New Summary Invoice to add this type of invoice.

Note: Do not use your browser’s "back" button when adding new invoices.

  1. When creating either type of invoice, you must first select the firm or vendor that submitted the invoice from the drop-down list. Click Look-Up Firm/Vendor to continue to the next step.

Important Note:  Use with discretion; released firms and vendors still appear on the drop-down list. 

  1. You can specify that the invoice is pre-approved during invoice creation: From the second screen for creating an invoice, select the invoice approver from the "Invoice Has Been Approved by" drop-down list. If you do not see the appropriate user’s name in the drop-down list of invoice approvers, contact your Lawtrac administrator. Users must be granted permission to approve invoices before their name appears on this list.
    1. The "Comments" text box of the invoice automatically includes a statement with the name of the person who entered the pre-approved invoice and the approval date. The approval chain area displays only the selected approver.
    2. If you do not want to pre-approve the invoice, keep the None, Approval Required as the default in the drop-down list.
  2. After you specify the approval state, click Continue.

At the beginning of invoice creation, you are required to associate the invoice with one matter. Later, when creating a detailed invoice, you can add an additional matter to associate with other line items. When creating a summary invoice, you can add an additional matter with more invoice summary information.

Important Note: The "Matter" drop-down list only contains the matters assigned to your firm/vendor. If your matter is missing from the list, leave the drop-down list on "Required" and click Look-Up Matter. A search bar is generated, and the new drop-down list contains all matter records.

After you select a matter, click Look-up Matter.

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