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Can I edit my invoices?

Add a Line Item

  1. At the top of an invoice, select the Tools tab, then click Augment.

  1. In the new Augment Invoice window, select a LEDES code from the "Classification" drop-down list, then enter the line item information by "Hours/Items", "HR Rate/Cost", and "Adjustment" into the corresponding text boxes.
    1. If necessary, add details about the line item in the "Comments" section, and change the date of the charge by typing into the "On Date" field.
  2. Click Add New Line.

View your new line item in the Approval Activities tab after clicking the  icon in the top right corner of the page.

Adjust Approver Chain

  1. In the middle of an invoice, click Adjust Approver Chain.

  1. Set up to five approvers by selecting an individual from the drop-down lists.
    1. Add an invoice handler by selecting an individual from the IH. drop-down lists. If an individual is assigned as a handler, he/she cannot also act as an approver on the same approval chain.

  2. Click Finish to confirm and save your selection(s). If the approvers were chosen based on a predefined team, you can reset the team by clicking Reset to Matter Default.

Edit VAT & Taxes

  1. Select the VAT & Taxes tab located in the middle of the page.

  2. Select the desired country and tax rate from the "Taxation Reference List" drop-down menu. The rate populates the "Rate" text box on the right side under the total invoice amount.

    1. Add an amount, if necessary, to the "Amount to Add" text box.

  3. Select a tax category from the "Categorize As" drop-down list.
  4. Click Record.

Edit Text

  1. Select the Text tab located in the middle of the page.

  2. Click any of the text hyperlinks to open an editable text field.

  3. After entering your text, click Save.

Add a Document

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the invoice detail page. The Invoice Documents tab is the second from the left.

    1. Click the  icon to view upload instructions and restrictions.

  2. Select Browse from the Add Document section to upload a file to the invoice.
    When a file type has been selected, an Upload button appears.
  3. Click Upload.
    The entire invoice refreshes to list the new document in the Invoice Documents tab.

From this tab, you also can perform the following tasks:

  • Download—Click the document title to download a document
  • Delete—Click the  icon to delete a document

Add or Edit a Chargeback

Select the Chargeback Review tab at the bottom of an invoice page.

Update existing chargebacks in the following ways:

  • —Enter a new percentage and click Save
  •  —Delete a chargeback

To charge an additional department:

  1. Select a department from the drop-down list. If additional drop-down lists appear, you can narrow down the business unit further.
  2. In the "Percentage Will Be" field, enter the percent of the invoice that charges to the department. The sum of all chargebacks must not exceed 100%.
  3. Click Save to add the chargeback to the invoice.

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