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Lawtrac 4.3.9 Release Notes

Lawtrac 4.3.9 Release Notes

This document details the upgrade information and known issues that are included in Lawtrac 4.3.9.


The online version of these notes, as well as additional user guides and resources, can be found at

Upgrading to Lawtrac 4.3.9

Please see the Upgrade Considerations page for instructions on upgrading your version of Lawtrac.

Resolved Issues

The following items are changes and enhancements built into Lawtrac 4.3.9. Each issue is documented in the following format:

• A description of the issue
• Internal tracking code
• Additional Information, if applicable

Issue: The Lifetime Reserves by Category table has been added to the Reserves Overview page.
Tracking code:  SUPPORTPRI-59432
Case Number: 2021-0315-754254

Issue: A new admin option has been added to restrict Outside Counsel from adding new line items for a Budget.
Tracking code:  SUPPORTPRI-59440
Case Number: 2021-0323-757625

Issue: Resolved an issue where updates to Type 7’s for a Matter’s Geographic Data would not save.
Tracking code:  SUPPORTPRI-57910
Case Number: 2021-0104-711787

Issue: Added a notification for Rate Card Approvers to know when a new Collaborati Vendor is available for mapping.
Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-58663
Case Number: 2020-1104-694849

Issue: Added a switch for users to enable Daily Email notifications.
Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-57846
Case Number: 2020-1008-686298

Issue: Resolved an issue with standard report FIN064 where Timekeeper names were not pulling from the correct table.
Tracking code:  SUPPORTPRI-57850
Case Number: 2020-1005-685089

Issue: The Invoice Audit Report from Lawtrac 3.X has been added.
Tracking code:  SUPPORTPRI-56138
Case Number: 2020-0707-623156

Issue: Resolved an issue where Matter Reserve amounts were not showing the base currency symbol.
Tracking code:  SUPPORTPRI-55542
Case Number: 2020-0617-619542

Issue: Updated standard report LFV017 to have excel and pdf output.
Tracking code:  SUPPORTPRI-56304
Case Number: 2019-0923-555379

Issue: Updated Network Document URLs to allow for more than 200 characters.
Tracking code:  SUPPORTPRI-56308
Case Number: 2019-0711-539346

Issue: Updated generated invoice pdfs to include adjustment comments from approvers.
Tracking code:  SUPPORTPRI-43713
Case Number: 2018-0911-476337


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