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Lawtrac 4.3.7 Patch 1 Release Notes


Lawtrac 4.3.7 Patch 1

Lawtrac 4.3.7 Patch 1 (PLT4370001) resolves the following issues:

Issue: Adding a Status column for budget line items on budget details page. Also updating Total Amount to only include totals for approved Budget line items.
Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-55914
Support case: 2020-0129-581297

Issue: Users can now add budgets for additional fiscal years for a Vendor on a Matter.
Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-55910
Support case: 2020-0519-613951
Additional Notes: Users will not be able to add additional budgets for a Vendor on a Matter if there already exists a Lifetime budget for that relationship.

Issue: Fiscal Year Budget History table on a Matter will now only include approved items on a Budget.
Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-55898
Support case: 2020-0810-630096

Issue: Budget Review tab on Invoices will now include a real time calculation of Budget variance and also only include approved Budget line items in the calculation.
Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-55902
Support case: 2020-0810-630096

Issue: R401 Invoice processing rule will now only calculate against Budget line items that are approved.
Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-55906
Support case: 2020-0602-616458

Issue: The 'List Budgets' table will now include only approved Budget line item amounts
Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-56294
Support case: 2020-0922-638945

Issue: Budget Breakdown page totals should only include approved Budget line item amounts
Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-56387
Support case: 2020-0922-638946

Issue: Budget Variance Report Totals will include only approved Budget Line Items
Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI- 56391
Support case: 2020-0922-638949

Issue: Budget Management page totals will now only include approved Budget Line Items
Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-56690
Support case: 2020-1016-688898


The following list summarizes the procedures to install this patch.

1. Copy files.
2. Update the database and version information.

Refer to PLT4370001_Instructions.pdf, in the same folder as these release notes, for more details about installing this patch.

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