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Lawtrac 4.3.6 Release Notes


Lawtrac 4.3.6 Release Notes

Welcome to the Lawtrac™ 4.3.6 Release Notes.


Installation Requirements

Before you begin to install Lawtrac™ 4.3.6, ensure that your system meets the full Installation Requirements found in the Lawtrac Installation Guide.


Upgrade Instructions

Before you begin to install Lawtrac™ 4.3.6, ensure that your system meets the full Technical Requirements found in the Lawtrac Installation Guide. Lawtrac™ 4.3.6 was certified only on Coldfusion 2018 and is required to guarantee full stability.


View the Upgrade Considerations page in the Lawtrac help or contact Support for further detail on upgrading your current Lawtrac instance.


Resolved Issues

Issue: Firm users that are not assigned to a Matter are receiving messages sent to Outside Counsel

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-51978

Case Number: 2019-1015-560514


Issue: Budget Print view for Budgets is not a functional link and needs to resemble 3.7

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-49567

Case Number: 2019-0520-528123


Issue: Users are unable to filter by Approved Invoices in the Pending Handling page and have to manually find invoices that need action

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-50187

Case Number: 2019-0510-526350


Issue: The following report needs to be updated to include an Excel output option and have the total amounts updated to reflect base currency

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-49407

Case Number: 2018-1102-487789


Issue: The following report needs to be updated to include an Excel output option and have the total amounts updated to reflect base currency – Invoice Report – Rejected Invoices (INV036.cfm)

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-49407

Case Number: 2018-1102-487789


Issue: Workgroup names only allow for 20 characters in the UI but the database allows for up to 50 characters

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-50694

Case Number: 2019-0627-536782


Issue: The following template needs to be updated to have an Excel output option – Spend by Law Firm / Vendor with Matter & Invoice Information – FIN062.cfm .

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-50615

Case Number: 2018-1102-487785


Issue: Some Budgets are getting an error when being created for new Matters on the Matter > Finance > Budgets screen.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-50544

Case Number: 2019-0613-533811


Issue: Permission Profile selections did not match the permission options on the Legal Staff record.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-49559

Case Number: 2019-0521-528413


Issue: The following report needs to be updated to include an Excel output option – Dollars by Department (MAT003.cfm).

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-49559

Case  Number: 2019-0521-528413


Issue: Outside Counsel Users are receiving an error when trying to view the General Rates Overview report.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-49320

Case Number: 2019-0424-522811


Issue: Vendor Staff from 3.7 can potentially show up twice in the staff listing after giving them a title.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-49784

Case Number: 2018-1101-487670


Issue: Updates were made to change how the Collaborati sync grabs updated Matters. A new field was added that the sync checks and is only updated for relevant items that Collaborati needs.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-49711

Case Number: N/A

Additional Notes: The purpose of these changes is to improve performance in the sync, however, we estimate there is a transitionary period of 2-3 syncs before improvements can be fully gauged


Issue: The number of User Defined Captions (UDC) fields on Matters was extended from 10 to 25

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-49823

Case Number: N/A


Issue: Foreign Currency Amounts are not displayed consistently in the UI for Inhouse, Collaborati and OC Invoices.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-52012

Case Number: 2019-0923-555500


Issue: Invoice line items now have the ability to be ordered by date or by timekeeper when viewing them In- House.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-52493

Case Number: 2019-1104-564636

Additional Notes: Previous functionality would sort by timekeeper, and then date of line items. This is still the sort order when choosing timekeeper. If a user chooses to order by date, the line items will sort only by date


Issue: Resolved an issue with budget and reserve flags were overwriting line item descriptions. Budget and Reserve flags will now also be separated from line items in the UI when viewing Invoices.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-52486

Case Number: 2019-1030-563846


Issue: Restored the ability (from 3.X) to add comments to line items without having to make adjustments.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-52264

Case Number: 2019-1004-558347



Issue: Resolved an issue where messages sent to a Matter’s Contacts from Outside Counsel would include Timekeepers not assigned to the Matter.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-51978

Case Number: 2019-1015-560514


Issue: Restored a function from 3.7 where messages sent from a Matter (In-House) can include the sending users email address in the email header

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-52158

Case Number: 2019-1015-560519


Issue: Resolved an error that would occur in pagination when performing a quick search for Matters containing a pound sign (#) in their name.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-52198

Case Number: 2019-1029-563551


Issue: Documents uploaded by Outside Counsel will now show Vendor name to In-House staff, similar to 3.X.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-52457

Case Number: 2019-1016-560850


Issue: Matter Documents will now display up to 60 characters of their file name in the Document Management tab.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-52167

Case Number: 2019-1029-563552


Issue: Document version counts will now update properly when deleting matching documents.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-52163

Case Number: 2019-1028-563197


Issue: Adding a new date field, Entry Date, for Text Records that can be edited by the user.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-52612

Case Number: 2019-1014-560168

Additional Notes: The new date field will have a default value of the original date of the text record


Issue: Type 4 and Type 5 Category Names can now have up to 75 characters.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-52520

Case Number: 2019-1107-565507

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