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Questions and answers from the "Lawtrac 4.1 Enhancements" Webinar hosted by the Mitratech Client Success Team

When defining approval workflow criteria based on invoice amounts, does it apply to invoices up to the value or including the value? 

When defining the workflows based on invoice amounts, the workflow will apply to invoices up to the invoice amount. For example, if the criteria value is set at 10,000, all invoices up to 9,999 will get routed through this workflow.

When will Lawtrac 4.1 be available? 

Lawtrac 4.1 is currently available. If you would like to upgrade, please email

Will all invoices will be affected by configuration changes made to the invoice approval workflow? 

Invoices currently in Lawtrac will not inherit any new changes made to the invoice workflow criteria. As new invoices are entered, Lawtrac will route them for approval based on the configured workflow. 

Will the substitute approver feature apply to existing and incoming invoices? 

Yes, if a substitute approver is active all existing and incoming invoices assigned to the original approver will get routed to the substitute.

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