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2017 March - Lawtrac 4.1 Enhancements

Webinar in which users learn about the features and benefits introduced in Lawtrac 4.1

 This community class is designed to highlight and showcase some of the new features in the latest version of Lawtrac. 


  • Create more configurable approval workflows by defining them based on Matter Type, Business Unit/Division, Product, Firm/Vendor, and Invoice Dollar Amount
  • When defining Invoice Approval Workflow Criteria based on Invoice Dollar Amount, always create workflows in increasing amounts.


  • Assign Invoice Handler to allow initial and/or final checks of the invoice without requiring an approval or rejection.
  • Audit all invoice changes through the Invoice Log.
  • Streamline invoice rejection by terminating approval workflows with the first rejection.
  • When creating Approval Workflows or Invoice Handlers order your workflows in increments of 5 in case any changes need to be inserted between workflows.
  • Enforce sequential approvals to invoices to ensure adherence to internal policies.



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