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Questions and answers from the "Lawtrac Report Writer 2" webinar hosted by the Mitratech Client Success Team

If I save a report as a template, can my colleagues use it?

The report templates are stored on a user basis. You can create a report and place it in the ad hoc folder or their selected reports folder if you would like them to have access. .

Can I move reports from one folder to another?

Yes, you can. You simply need to copy and paste the file name into the new report category after selecting “Add new report”.


Can I make changes to custom reports?

 In order to make custom report modifications, please contact

Do I have to pick a matter category in the report writer?

It is recommended that you use the Criteria section if you would like to narrow down by category, and not selecting a category for the first screen.

Do I have to display all of the information that I’m including in my filter?

It is only required to include the information that you want to appear in your report columns.

Can I make one of my reports appear on the morning report screen?

Currently that feature is not available, but you can create your own report folder to provide easier access to the reports most relevant for you.

Can reports be sent out to users automatically?

Many reports can be sent out through custom scheduled tasks. Please consult the support and services teams to create scheduled tasks by contacting

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