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Questions and answers from the "General User Training" webinar hosted by the Mitratech Client Success Team

What is the best way to quickly find a matter or document when I only have limited information? 

Use the “Super Search” feature to search through the system when limited information is available.

There are a lot of standard reports in the system. How do I navigate through them? 

The reports are sorted by category. These categories filter down to the main theme of each report. Your Lawtrac administrator has the ability to sort these differently, so if you are not finding a report you are looking for, please reach out to them.

How do I know if I have added all of the required information when creating a matter? 

There are standard requirements in the system that prevent you from adding a matter without completion. If any other department-specific requirements are not complete, a red banner will appear at the top of the matter informing you that you have missing required information. 


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