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Mutiple Lead People on a Matter

Lawtrac matters are only supposed to have on lead/primary person on their active roster.  Rarely, a matter may have two lead/primary people on its active roster.  This can happen if a matter's primary was released from the matter and another person was added as a primary on the matter.  If the first person is reinstated to the matter, the matter could have two lead people.

This is generally not an issue if it's ok to have one of the lead people released.  In some cases, however, a user may want to change one of the lead people to a team member or ther role.  This how-to is meant to guide the user through the process of adding and swapping users to give one of the primary users another role.  Follow these steps:

In this example, we want to make the Primary user Justin Time a Team Member.

1)  Add another person to the roster.  This person will serve as a place holder.  The role should be the target role of the primary person.  In this case, the new person is added with the role of Team Member.

2) Press the Swap Assignments link

3) Select the primary person

4) Select the new person and click SAVE.  Observe that the primary person now as the Tea Member role and the new person has the Primary role

5) Click the edit pencil that corresponds to the new user

6) Release the new user

7) Observe the active roster only has one Primary

8) Observe that the new person appears as released.  Note that when you look at the list of matters to which the new person is assigned, this matter will appear and they will show as released.

LawtraC - Multiple Leads 1.jpg


Lawtrac - Multiple Leads 2.jpg

Lawtrac - Multiple Leads 3.jpg

Lawtrac - Multiple Leads 4.jpg

Lawtrac - Multiple Leads 5.jpg

Lawtrac - Multiple Leads 6.jpg