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Adding Invoice - Firm is not available for selection

Typically a firm is not displaying in the drop down when adding a new invoice because it has not yet been assigned to a matter.

To associate a firm/vendor to a matter:

  • Within the matter, click the Firms & Vendors tab on the top menu
  • Click Add Firm/Vendor
  • Enter the firm name in the 'FIRM OR VENDOR COMPANY NAME' box and click the List Matching Firms and Vendors button

LT-assign firm to matter-1_mp.jpg


  • All firms matching the search criteria will be listed
  • Click the applicable firm to open the Assign Firm screen
  • Set the firm's permissions for that matter, Activate an Alternate Fee Agreement if applicable and check the boxes to also associate the firm staff
  • When finished, click Assign Firm/Vendor


LT-assign firm to matter-2_mp.jpg

  • When the firm is successfully associated they will be displayed on the Active List and will now be available for selection in the Firm drop down when adding a new invoice

LT-assign firm to matter-3_mp.jpg