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Error when adding a new timekeeper in Lawtrac

Error message: "The email address you have entered is already used by another Staff Member. Please enter a different email address." 

Staff Error message.PNG

This error message suggests that there is already a staff member in the system with the same email address. Lawtrac requires that each timekeeper has a unique email addressed linked to their record. 

If the staff member does not appear in the Active staff list, then it is very likely that that staff member was released from the firm. To verify this, Click on the People tab on the top bar menu > Check the box for 'Released' on the top right hand side and Click 'All'. Here, you should be able to view the list of all released staff members. 


Please reach out to the client directly to reactivate the staff member's record for eBilling purposes. Staff members must be active in order to be able to submit rate cards and invoices.

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