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Change Matter Number or Prefix

If a matter was created with the incorrect matter prefix, or an existing matter's number needs to be changed, you can do so by taking the following steps:

Step 1:

  • Go to Application Administration | Matter Maintenance
  • Select Matter Numbers
  • Click the Edit pencil associated with the new matter prefix
  • Increase the number by one – example: if it is 0124, change to 0125
  • Note: You will use 0124 for the matter you are changing; changing the prefix to the next number ensures that the next matter added has the right matter number and there are no duplicates created
  • Click Save


Step 2:

  • Within the matter, click Edit/Close on the right side Matter Menu
  • Click Edit Main Information
  • Enter the New Number
  • Click outside of the text field to ensure you see the ‘Saved’ message
  • Click Finish
  • Click the refresh icon to reload the matter


Step 3 (applicable if matter type must also be changed):

  • Go into the matter in question
  • Select Categories on the right side matter menu
  • Click Matter Type / Keyword / Issues
  • Select the new matter type from the Type drop down
  • Click Save



Tip: Always check to make sure any information entered originally, i.e. captions, Work Groups, still make sense since the captions/fields most likely will change from matter type to matter type.

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