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Rate Request Statuses

This section defines the possible Rate Request statuses:


  • Not Submitted—The client does not see a request until you submit it. Click Submit from the Rates Request page to submit a request.
  • Pending Client Retrieval—The request is not in the client's system yet.
  • Pending Client Approval—The request is in the client's system, but is pending an approval action from the client.
  • Approved—The client can propose a new rate when approving a request.
  • Rejected—When the client rejects a rate, you cannot resubmit the request. Create a new request to submit new rates.
  • Canceled (Pending Client Synchronization)—Cancellation is pending until the client's system syncs with Collaborati.
  • Canceled—The cancelation status has synced with the client's system.
  • Error— An error can occur after the client approves the request if something in the request conflicts with the client's system. After an error occurs, the client can update the system and approve the request again, or you can cancel the request.

Note: Clients are able to approve or reject a rate requests in its entirety (i.e. a collection of submitted rate codes), or per code/line item. If rejected, the rate request is sent back to Collaborati for revision.

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