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Party Types

Adjust the type of parties that appear in the drop-down list when adding a member to a matter.

The Party Types hyperlink under Parties in the Application Administration | Parties & Entities sidebar allows site administrators and super users to adjust the types of parties that appear in the drop-down list when adding a member to a matter. Identifying party members help establish what relationship the individual has with a matter record. For example, while a party (or person) may be in your system only once, they may be a witness on one matter record and a plaintiff in another.

Party Types Link

  • Edit the party types by clicking the calendar event icon and typing in the text box. Click Save Change.Edit Party Type

Add a Party Type

  1. Enter the party type in the "New Category" text box below the list of active categories.
  2. Click Add.
    Add New Party Type

Retired Categories

  • To retire a party type, click trash can iconRetire Category. Retired party types are no longer available for use on any new or updated matter records.
  • To see all retired party types, click View Retired located under Add New Category.

Retired categories can be reinstated. To reactivate a retired category:

  1. Click View Retired.
  2. Click the calendar event icon.
  3. Select the activate icon icon.
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