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Turn a Reserve module on/off, or set reserves to be used at the matter level.

The Switches hyperlink in the Finance Options sidebar under Reserves allows site administrators and super users to control what categories can be seen from invoices and budget line options.

Switches Link

Reserves can be used:

  • As a measurement tool to ensure users stay within an internal budget
  • To send to Accounts Payable or a general ledger system to set funds aside

Reserve amounts are considered "extraneous" data—not pertinent, or irrelevant to the final outcome or actual spending as it pertains to a specific matter record. Information recorded becomes nonessential once the financial requirements (invoices and payments to parties) are exhausted.

Use the toggle switch to turn reserves or the Reserve module "on" or "off."

  • green switch—Feature is enabled
  • red switch—Feature is disabled

Reserves Switches

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