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Rejected Invoices

Purge rejected invoices from the Lawtrac system.

The Rejected Invoices page in the Application Administration | Finance Options sidebar under Invoicing allows site administrators and super users to purge rejected invoices from the system.

Note: Any invoice submitted with taxes (via manual entry or LEDES file upload) will be automatically rejected by Lawtrac. This behavior excludes invoices with a line item for taxes using a custom client code.

Rejected Invoices Link

Rejected invoices are categorized by invoice name/number, submitting firm/vendor, invoice creation date, invoice rejection date, associated matter name/number, and total invoice amount.

Purge Records

To delete rejected invoices:

  1. Click the checkbox radio box next to any invoice(s) on the list.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  3. Click Purge Records.

Important Note: There is no way to undo a purge.

Hover your mouse pointer over the firm/vendor name to see the contact information.

Firm/Vendor Contact

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