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INSZoom:- Add a New User or New Vendor License

This article will guide you on how to add a New User or New Vendor License

Add a New User or New Vendor License


Note: You must have Super User/Admin access to add new users.


First, click on 'Setup' in the left menu and then 'Settings'. Next, click on 'Case Managers' in the menu:


In the case managers list, you'll see the 'Invite New Case Manager' in the top right. Click it and fill out all the details for the new case manager. Click 'Save':

NOTE: The new user will receive 2 emails; one with their user ID and one with a link to set their password.


To add a Vendor Case Manager, click 'Add Vendor Case Manager' in the same 'Case Manager' page. Enter the details, including the vendor firm this person works for, and then click 'Save':


Next, click 'Setup' in the main left menu and then 'Setting's. From there, select 'Organization Tools' in the left menu:

Select 'Vendor Access' in the left menu. Next, select whether you want to grant vendor access for a corporation or foreign national. Search for the desired corporation/person and then click 'Choose':


Now, click 'Add' under 'Vendor Access Rights'. In the pop-up, select which vendor case manager has access to the corporation/person you selected and configure the settings as needed. Click 'Save' once done:

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