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One-Time Passcode (OTP) Delivery via SMS


This feature will help Firms cater to clients who prefer to receive one-time passcodes (OTPs) via text/SMS instead of email.  The "One-Time Passcode (OTP) Delivery via SMS" feature sends an OTP to users in order for them to access email links sent by the firm and also serves as an additional layer of security to authenticate users before they can access sensitive data related to their case. This feature supplements the existing email/link functionality. There is no need to provide Foreign National Portal access to clients.

Key Features:

·Requires user authentication prior to data access 
·Provides increased level of security to extremely sensitive data


1- Contact Information Validation: Enter Foreign National/Client Mobile # as numbers only (do not enter/remove any special characters or other text).  Select the appropriate “Country” in the drop-down pick-list (used for ‘country-code’ in phone#)Continue to validate email or other profile information as necessary.

2- Assigning/sending items to complete: Navigate to the Foreign National/Beneficiary case then create/compose email.

3- Continue to include questionnaires, docs checklists, other attachments and apply templates as needed.  Click “Send Email” when ready.

4- Select appropriate country-code from available pick-list.  Country-code will be pre-populated if a country-value is selected in the Foreign National/Beneficiary profile (see step 1). Otherwise, select appropriate country-code.

“Skip Updating Phone Numbers” option will not allow FN to use mobile # for one-time passcode authentication. Only email authentication via one-time-passcode would apply.

“Country-code selection”

5] Click “Save & Send Email” if ready, or update/edit the phone # here manually if needed

“Skip Updating Phone Numbers” option will not allow FN to use mobile # for one-time passcode authentication.Only email authentication via one-time-passcode would apply.

6] The email recipient will either click to “Access Items” or can copy/paste the URL to a browser

7] Authentication (new): The link recipient will now need to authenticate themselves via matching phone or via email; a one-time-passcode (OTP) will be generated (time-sensitive) and sent to delivery method selected

-in this example, “Text:” is selected

8] The recipient will enter the one-time-passcode (as received through text/sms via the phone# configured) and click Continue

-the code entry is time-sensitive and will expire. If not received, the recipient can also “request a new code” themselves on this page. (see link at bottom of page)

9] Once validated, the recipient will continue to create Login ID/password, click Continue when complete

-if the Foreign National/Beneficiary has been provided system-access previously, they will skip this step and be directed to a login page. They can click forgot username/password if needed.

10] Authentication to access items assigned: Enter Password created in previous page (Login ID will be pre-populated)

11] Authenticated access: once logged in, the user now has access to complete items assigned specifically (can complete questionnaires, upload docs, as assigned/configured in email)

12] The items assigned can be accessed at a later time/date if not complete, simply click the “Access Items” or copy/paste the URL in a browser again, they will be directed back to the login page for authentication.

-Once authenticated, the user will be directed back to the items specifically assigned

We hope this helps you in managing the new Text/SMS Communication feature and functions, but in case you need any support or additional guidance please reach out directly via the in-app support chat feature or via


Getting Started - How to subscribe for One-Time Passcode (OTP) Delivery via SMS

One-Time Passcode (OTP) Delivery via SMS is a Billable feature. Firm administrators can subscribe here:

Setup > Subscriptions > One-Time Passcode (OTP) Delivery via SMS

Once subscribed, the INSZoom accounts team will reach out to you for initiation. Subscription (feature) is applied system-wide to all Firm staff/users.

*Use phone numbers with appropriate country-code for OTP using SMS service.

Subscription Plans

The default plan for activation of the One-Time Passcode (OTP) Delivery via SMS feature is a total of 2,500 SMS per month for the complete Firm. The next set of plans that are available for subscription are in multiples of 2500 messages that is 5,000 SMS per month, 7,500 SMS per month and so on till 25,000 SMS per month in total for the all Firm staff/users.



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