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INSZoom - Create Security Profiles

Create Security Profiles

How to create security profiles for your firm.


Super admin's can create security profiles based on their user’s roles. INSZoom has created a single sample security profile. Super Users may edit this profile or create a new one.

You must create the security profiles and assign them to users before activating the feature.  

To create new profiles:  

  • go to Setup>Settings>Security Profile.  
  • Add new profile
  • Create Profile Name
  • Click Save
  • Set as default – optional. (All new case managers will receive that profile when created)

Next, create the profile Settings:  

  • Open the Security Profile
  • Click Settings link
  • Set Access Rights – Set the modules to which your roles will access
  • Set Email Alerts – create the email alert preferences for the role – expirations, reminders and notifications.
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