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INSZoom - Create Your Personal Settings

Create Your Personal Settings

Start off on the right foot by creating your settings!

Before you start using INSZoom, it's important to create your personal settings. These include your name and information as they appear on forms, access rights and email settings.

To begin, mouse-over My Profile and select My Settings.

Note: You may see different or fewer options in your menu than in the image below. What you see is determined by the modules your firm has subscribed to and the access rights provided by the Super Administrator for your firm.


In the initial view, you will see your user information. Scroll down to see information as it appears on forms. It is critical that you update and keep this information current as it will appear on the forms you submit to government agencies.

Next, you may:

  • Enter address information.  Enter any locations where you can receive a shipment.
  • Create an email signature. This will automatically append to all letters and emails sent through INSZoom.
  • Setup your calendar for your time zone and your work hours.

Next, in the sub-menu, select Access Rights.  In this section you will be able to view the modules to which you have been granted access. If you see an Edit button, then you are able to edit your own access rights. If not, see the Super Administrator for assistance.

Note: If you require access to the billing module to view and edit invoices, please see Super Administrator.

Email Alert Preferences

This is where you'll determine what kind and how many email notifications you'll receive daily.

Note: You may want to start with a conservative selection. There are a large number of emails that can be generated by the application and it could be overwhelming.


The first section is alert settings. For information regarding each type of alert click the ? icon.

To begin, click the Edit button.

First, select Yes or No to enable or disable daily alerts.  If you enable daily alerts, then select the individual alerts you want to receive.

Use the icon to learn more about the individual options.  Remember to Save your changes.

Complete the individual alert options under the Daily Alerts section:

  • Advance Alerts for the day - sends alerts for the next business day's tasks
  • Priority Dates Reminder - Once monthly alert regarding Priority Dates
  • People Greeting Alert Report - Notifies you of client birthdays

Setup Document Expiration Details

Users may select to receive this alert:

  • Daily, for all records, regardless of whether any document is expiring
  • Daily, for all records, but only showing documents that are expiring
  • Daily, for all your clients, regardless of whether any document is expiring
  • Daily, for your clients, but only if a document is expiring

Advance Notification Days

Users may set up alerts to inform you in advance about the expiry of the documents so that you receive the alert before the documents expire.  Select up to 5 intervals for:

• Alternative/Future Immigration Status

• APD Expiration

• Current US Immigration Status

• DS-2019

• EAD Expiration


• Eligibility Date for Naturalization

• FBI Cleared Date (Finger Print)

• Green card/Permanent resident card Expiration

• H or L CAPOUT Date/Max.Date

• I-129S

• I-20

• I-485

• I-751 Due Date

• I-797 Expiration

• I-9 Expiration

• I-94 Expiration

• IV Petition

• LCA Expiration


• Priority Date-1

• Priority Date-2

• Priority Date-3

• Priority Date-4

• Priority Date-5

• Re-Entry Permit


PERM Eligibility Date Alerts

In this section, users may create advanced notifications for impending or overdue PERM eligibility dates.

NOTE: In some sections, you'll see Email Content Type. To access this option, click the edit icon to choose to receive:

  • Document Data - report form of the alert
  • Document Hyperlink - hyperlink to each document in the report
  • Both - report with hyperlinks to each document in the report

PERM Expiration Date and PERM Recruitment Expiration Date Alerts

Set up the number of days intervals to receive notifications in advance of an expiration or that an expiration date has been exceeded.


Firm-Defined Document Expiration Dates Email Notification

Set up the intervals to receive advanced notifications of document expirations as defined by the firm.

Invoice Alerts

Set up intervals to receive up to 5 notifications prior to an invoice due date and/or when an invoice is past due.

Marked for Delete

Select to receive notifications for:

  • Corporation is deleted in the system: All, My (Only ones assigned to you) or None
  • Client is deleted: All or None
  • Case is deleted: Only your cases or None

Corporation/Client/Case - Active/Inactive

Select to receive a notification if a corporation, client or case status is changed to active or inactive - For all or only for those assigned to you.

Case Related Alert Notification

Select to receive a notification if a case manager or case step is added or  deleted - for all or for those assigned to you.

Email Notifications

Select to receive notifications (Yes or No) if:

  • a duplicate client is entered into the system
  • an appointment has been assigned to you
  • an appointment or activity has been edited or deleted
  • a new prospect has been added through the intake sheet
  • an invoice has been edited
  • an invoice has been deleted

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