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e-filing Desktop Add-on

e-filing Desktop Add-on


INSZoom allows its users to fill out online forms using the e-file feature. Many forms such as DS-160, and N-600 are web-based forms, that ask foreign nationals/representatives to fill out their information on the form available on the government link. To allow our users to fill these forms using the master data available in the INSZoom application, the e-file feature was introduced.


Value Proposition

e-filing Add-on offers the following advantages to INSZoom users- 

  • One-touch online form filling.
  • Automatically populates fields in online forms with the data available in INSZoom Application.
  • Drastically reduces time to fill online immigration forms on government websites.
  • Smoothens e-filing process for INSZoom users.
  • Operating Systems OS agnostic- it supports all popular OS such as Windows, and Mac.
  • Web Browser agnostic- it is independent of the browser used in the system and works on all popular browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla, Edge, etc. 
  • No need to worry about plugin or extension updates. 
  • Secured data population.


List of online US immigration forms/applications supported by the e-filing Add-on


SN Form/Application Department
1 DS-160 DOS
2 DS-3035 DOS
3 ETA-9035 DOL
4 ETA-9089 DOL
5 ETA-9141 DOL
6 ETA-9141B DOL
7 ETA-9142B DOL
9 H-1B Electronic Registrations USCIS
10 I-130 USCIS
11 I-539 USCIS
12 I-90 Update USCIS
13 N-336 USCIS
14 N-400 USCIS
15 N-565 USCIS
16 N-600 USCIS
17 N-600K USCIS


Getting Started

INSZoom users can log into the INSZoom application and can make use of the e-filing Add-on by following the below-given steps- 

  1. Navigate to the Case Form that is to be e-filed. 


2. Click on the E-FILE icon available to the right of the form. 

3. For first-time users, the e-filing Add-on needs to be installed on the system. After installation, users can seamlessly e-file forms on certain websites. 

4. Read the Disclaimer and click on the Agree button to proceed. 

5. Click on ‘download and start e-filing’ to download the installation file. Once the file is downloaded, double-click the file to begin the installation of the application and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation.

6. If the Add-on is already installed in your computer, a popup message appears at the top of the browser screen. Click on ‘Open INSZoom e-filing Desktop Add-on' to start the e-filing process.


 7. A new e-filing Add-on window will open and you can proceed with the online form as you would normally do. The data will be populated field by field, so you can click Save, Save, and Proceed once the complete page is populated.

Few Best Practices

1. When the e-filing is in progress on the government website there will be a blue color progress bar at the top (a line between the header content and the government website), which shows the progress of the data auto-population. Until the progress bar is completed user should not click on the “Next or Continue” button on the online form page.

2. The online form e-filing/ data auto-population will not be completed if you close the Desktop Add-on during the e-filing process and the form data might not get saved at the government website. This behavior is based on the configuration of the government website; few forms/websites might save data during the e-filing process and few websites might save data only at the end. Therefore, don't interrupt the e-filing process in between unless it is absolutely necessary.


How does it work?



1. How do I install the e-filing Add-on?

2. I am using a company laptop. I do not have admin rights. Do I need admin rights on my computer?

  • No, you do not need administrative rights. This Add-on does not require any elevated privileges to install or run.

3. Do I have to install it every time I want to e-file?

  • No, it is a one-time installation. 

4. How do I know if the form is supported by an e-filing Add-on?

5. How do I know if I am using the latest version of the desktop app? 

  • You will get a notification if you are not using the latest version of the app, and you will be prompted to proceed with the update. On November 22, Mitratech released a major update to the INSZoom e-Filing Desktop Add-on. To continue using the feature, users must update to the latest version manually.
  • Please follow the steps outlined below.
    • After clicking on the E-FILE button for a form, you may notice that the e-Filing Desktop Add-on may attempt to update automatically as shown in the image below. If this occurs, please cancel/abort the auto-update attempt and proceed to the next step.

      Dsktp auto install-abort2.png

    • To download the latest version and manually update the add-on, click on the 'download and start INSZoom Add-on' link in the e-filing prompt as shown below.

      Dsktp download installer.png
    • Once the installer is downloaded to your desktop, start the installation by running the installer from your local Downloads folder. Follow on-screen instructions to install the latest version of the e-Filing Desktop Add-on.
  • If you experience issues manually updating to the latest version of the e-Filing Desktop Add-on after following the instructions above, please do not hesitate to contact INSZoom Support by submitting a ticket.