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INSZoom - How can I add an e-Consent to an information request

How Can I add an e-Consent to an information request?

Are you required to collect a 'Statement of Truthfulness' consent for information provided? If so, e-Consent can help you accomplish that.

Need to add a 'Statement of Truthfulness' to any information an individual is providing via INSZoom? Here's how!

First, you'll need to create the e-Consent in the Knowledge Base. To do this, head to 'Setup' and 'Knowledge Base'. Find 'e-Consent' in the left menu:

Next, click 'Add' and input your 'Statement of Truthfulness' content. Once your finished, click 'Publish':

Now, for any information request you send to an individual you can attach the e-Consent you just created. To do so, go to either the case or client level and select what information collection you want to send. In this example, we'll send a questionnaire.

Head to the client level and select the individual you want to send the questionnaire(s) to. Select 'Email Questionnaires' and find the 'Advanced Options' link. You'll see 'Attach e-Consent documents'. Check this box and then click 'Choose e-Consents'. Select the e-Consent you want attached:  

When the individual clicks the link to log in and complete the questionnaire, they'll see the following:

This can also be attached to document uploads, forms review, sent invoices, etc.