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INSZoom - FN Profile info: Immigration Status History

This article gives details about Immigration Status History of foreign nationals maintained along with US Immigration info.

What does it Offer?

With this new feature enhancement, users will get the following benefits-

  1. Ease of maintenance of US immigration info of foreign nationals.

  2. Flexibility to add new US immigration info for a) I-797 and/or b) Employment Authorization Document/Advance Parole (EAD/AP).
  3. Automatic addition of old records of US Immigration info of a) I-797 and/or b) Employment Authorization Document/Advance Parole (EAD/AP) to Immigration Status History page.
  4. Enables users to keep a track record of the changes made to the US immigration info of FNs.      

How does it work?

Earlier, with every edit of FN Immigration information such as I-797 info and/or EAD/AP info, the old info was lost and was overwritten by the new info. With this new update, INSZoom users will be able to maintain a history of the US Immigration info of FNs without any additional effort.

Users can add new US immigration info for the following documents- I-797 and/or Employment Authorization Document/Advance Parole (EAD/AP). Immigration Status History is available at the left menu icon on the Foreign National Profile page.



In addition of a new record, details of the old info of the documents are automatically updated in immigration Status History.

For example, when new I-797 info of FN is added, the old I-797 info is moved to the Immigration Status History and new info is updated at the US Immigration Info page.





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