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INSZoom - How to Add an Event to a Step for an Existing Case

This article will guide you on how to add an event to a step for an existing case

How to Add an Event to a Step for an Existing Case

At the 'Case Info' page, under the 'Communication' section, click on 'Status & Reminders/Steps'.

Once 'Status & Reminders/Steps' is clicked, a page with detailed steps of the case is displayed. Choose ‘Add Step Event’ from the drop-down menu.

 The event to which the step is to be added is selected by choosing the icon located on the right hand side of the respective case step.

Once the step is selected a new page will open, click on ‘Add New Event’ to complete the action.

A new window will open that explains how events work, select the ‘Event Name’ by clicking on the radio button next to the name.

 Then choose what mode you would like, ‘Background’ or ‘Interface.’ (Background means the triggered action will happen automatically. Interface means that once the trigger occurs, a prompt will be shown to the case manager before the automated step can continue).

Next you will have the option to ‘Update Custom Status’, choose from the drop down and click ‘Save.’

 Choose ‘Finish’ to complete the process and activate the event.

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