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INSZoom - Case Info Page Sub-Menu

This article will explain the sub-menu options which are available on the Case Info page.

Case Info Page Sub-Menu

Understand the sub-menu options in the Case Info page.

Note: Some menu items are not available in the Standard Edition.

In this article, we'll take a closer look at the Case Info sub-menu.  From any case level, the sub-menu offers a number of different options to update and manage your cases.

Open a case to display the sub-menu:

Process Module - Opens the key fields of a petition for users to edit/enter data

Add Case  - Add a new case for the current client

To-Do - This opens a new tab, where you can view snapshot of all pending to-dos you've created, including

  • adding questionnaires and doc checklist
  • assigning docs, forms and letters for review
  • assign invoice for review and payment
  • quick tasks such as adding a note or scheduling an appointment

Zoom Guru - Hierarchical view of the case with links to set up a new case

  1. Detailed Info

Under the Detailed Info section, users can view and edit:

  • Snapshot - an un-editable pop up renders with a real-time case life-cycle detail
  • Profile - Case Profile Page, where users may edit case details, case administrator and staff associated to the case, address information, forms, notes and phone messages
  • Details/Dates - link to the various date fields for the case
  • Receipt Numbers - list of receipt numbers and link to add receipt numbers; includes dates and receipt status
  • Job Details - Current and Proposed Job details
  • Managers/Contacts - list of case managers and staff who will receive reminders and case manager info as it appears on forms.

2.  Document Assembly

The Document Assembly menu items is where users may view, add and edit all documents related to a case.

  • Docs Check List - View, update, remove, print or email the case document checklist
  • Forms - list of forms associated to the case and functionality to edit, delete, add, print, fill, update and, in some cases, e-file forms.
  • Letters (word) - compose or view a list of letters associated to this case
  • Questionnaires - list of questionnaires associated to the case with the functionality to add, remove, copy, email and update information
  • Digital Docs - List of documents received for the case as well as functionality to change who can access the documents, delete, download or print the uploaded documents.

3.  Communication

The Communications section is a library of all communications related to the case/client.  Each menu item features a list and a link to add new:

  • Status and Reminders/Steps - A list of the steps required to take the case through its life-cycle. Users may edit, delete, add, complete, add reminders and dates to each step
  • Milestones/Timeline - A list of all steps related to the case and their status
  • Notes - list of notes and phone messages created for the case/client and links to add new notes and phone messages
  • Emails - A list of all sent, received and drafts of emails. Users may create emails here. The Starter Kit Email option is setup in the Knowledgebase and, if activated, will automatically send an email to the corporation and/or client when the case is created.
  • Appointments/Activities - List of appointments or tasks created by any staff member. Includes a link to create and assign new appointments or tasks
  • Timer - List of Time Records for the case. Users may start/stop the timer to track the time spent working on a case.
  • Pop Up Alerts - List of pop up alerts related to the case. Users may add new pop up alerts and determine who will see it
  • Shipping/Mailing Log - List of all items mailed with date, method, tracking number and status. Users may also generate shipping labels.
  • Communication Summary- Summarized list of communications, court and interview dates by type. Users may add new appointments, activities, notes, phone messages, court dates, interview dates and emails.

4.  Security and Tools

  • Shortcuts - Pop-up appears with a list of sub-menu items to control what items appear in the sub-menu.  This option can also be found in the My Profile>My Settings sub-menu.

5. Billing

For users with access to the billing module, this menu provides access to:

  • Invoice -  create and edit invoices for the case
  • Expense - view a list of expenses related to the case
  • Billing Memo -  generate a billing memo for the case

The More Options drop-down provides an exhaustive list of hot links to specific sections of the case, including:

  • Customize My Shortcuts - Same link as 4. above
  • Client Profile - Hot link to the menu item in section 1
  • Case List - Hot link to full case list view
  • Search - Hot link to the search tool
  • Zoom Guru - Re-loads the Case Info page with menu items to add questionnaires, send email, set up invoices, etc.
  • Blanket Applicants - List view of blanket applicants
  • Service Center Info - Displays a list of cases for a specific client sorted by Service Center
  • District Office Info - Displays a list of cases for a specific client sorted by District Office
  • Status Docs - list of uploaded immigration docs
  • HTML Letters - list of letters created in INSZoom; includes an editor to create a new letter using a letter template
  • Form History and Status - Displays history for each form in the case, tracking actions taken, date, time and user name.
  • Phone log - Hot link to the Notes page
  • Tasks - Case/Client level view of tasks; only visible in the tasks page
  • Case Access Rights - Links to access page, where the user may edit the access rights for the corporation and client to view case detail
  • Copy/Move Notes - Hot link to a list of notes for the case with the option to move or copy them to another case or to the client record.
  • Copy/Move Notes/Email docs - Links to a list of digital docs, emails or notes, where the user may copy or move them to another case
  • Notes security - Users may lock the notes interface so that no new notes may be added, edited or deleted. Super Admin access is required to unlock notes.
  • Vendor access rights - Provides access to a Vendor Case manager for a specific case
  • Link advertisements - Links campaigns (created in the Knowledgebase) to a case for compliance purposes.
  • PERM compliance - Hot link to the PERM details page.
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