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INSZoom - Case Level - Forms Options and Icons

This article will illustrate the features and options available on the Forms Info page.

Case Level - Forms Options and Icons

There are two sets of menu options in the Forms list at Case level. In this article, we'll define the options and how to use them.

Add Forms From drop-down: At case level, users may add forms to the case using the Add Forms From drop-down menu.  Options include:

My Favorite Forms - if you selected forms in My Settings>My INSZoom>My Favorite Forms, they'll appear here.

  • All Forms - loads all forms in the library
  • Forms in the Clipboard - Forms copied to the Clipboard
  • Add forms from the Knowledgebase - Loads all petitions in the knowledgebase to choose from a drop-down.  

Email Forms - Opens an email editor to attach forms and email to recipient(s)

Bulk Print - Multi-select and print filled forms

Troubleshooting forms - Guide to help resolve issues

Actions Menu

Each form in the case has an individual menu of actions to apply.  Some actions are only active after the form has been filled.

  • Fill -  Pushes all collected data to the form
  • Print - Prints the individual form
  • Addendum - Edit/Save Addendum
  • Delete - Deletes the individual form from the case
  • Receipt - Opens the Case Receipt Number pop-up to enter/edit receipts
  • e-File - If the form is eligible to be e-filed, the link will appear. Click the link to access the government site to transmit data. Users must have a valid login.  NOTE: This task should be completed in Internet Explorer v11
  • Refresh - if case information was updated after filling out the form, use the refresh icon to push the updated data to the form, overwriting the old data.
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