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INSZoom - Case Expiration Alerts

This article will guide you on how to set case expiration alerts

Case Expiration Alerts

With INSZoom, you can set email alerts for upcoming expiring cases. This tool allows firms to stay up to date with their case loads.

Hover over the 'Profile Icon' and click on 'My Settings'. On the left menu, click on 'Email Alert Preferences'.

Scroll down to the box titled 'Setup Document Alert Notification'. Click on ''Edit'. This is where you can set up whether you want to receive alerts for only your clients or for the entire firm's clients.

Then, click on the 'Edit' button above the section below. This is where you can set up day increments for which you would like to receive alert emails. Find the row for 'Case Expiration'.

When you open a case, it will automatically default to check 'Yes' for the case expiration alert. All you have to remember to do when opening a case is to enter an expiration date. Go to the case level > click on 'Details and Dates' on the left menu > 'Edit' > add the expiration date.

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