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INSZoom - Accept the Track Changes in a Questionnaire

This article will guide you on how to accept the track changes in a questionnaire

Accept the Track Changes in a Questionnaire

With 'Track Changes', when a questionnaire is updated, changes are tracked and the case manager must accept the changes to save them

Navigate to a case within INSZoom. Under the 'Case Info' page, click on 'Questionnaires' under the 'Document Assembly'.

On the questionnaire page, you will notice that there are three icons under each questionnaire.

Hover over each icon to view a description.

The first icon is titled ‘Master Data’ – choose this to view the data saved in Zoom.

Second icon is titled ‘Client Data’ – choose this icon to view the changes that have been made by the client to the questionnaire.

The third icon is titled ‘Accept Track Changes,’ choose this icon to accept the changes made by the client. A new window will appear that shows the 'Master Data' and the 'Client Data'.

Choose ‘Accept Changes’ in each section in order to accept the changes.

Webpage message: ‘Data from this section accepted successfully’ will appear, click ‘OK’ to complete and return to the previous page.