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INSZoom: Letter Management

Letter Management

We have redesigned our letter management interface to add functionality, increase efficiency and transparency, and integrate DocuSign capability at the Corporation, client, and Case levels! Users can now edit letters and contracts online – no more need to download and upload – and the updated audit log lets you track who changed what, when while status management lets you set an individual status for each document.

What does it offer?

Letter management now addresses the following aspects:

  • Improve efficiency and version control with the ability to easily manage the template library.
  • Improve efficiency by simplifying the letter generation and editing functions.
  • Improve efficiency, transparency, and collaboration by adding a status management feature that helps all stakeholders know the status and by providing an audit log.
  • Improve efficiency by adding an electronic signature with DocuSign capability.

The letter management module has been redesigned for:

  • New interface.
  • Ability to view and manage template library from any level.
  • Ability to edit letters online for Docx files (no need to download and edit).
  • Ability to manage the workflow and status.
  • Ability to electronically sign the letter using DocuSign.

Where can I find the Letter Management module?

Letters (MS Word) module in the “Case Manager Portal” at:

  • Prospect profile
  • Corporation profile
  • Client/Foreign National Profile
  • Case Profile 

How does it work?

The letter management interface has two sections:

  1. Available Templates
  2. Letters

1. Available Templates

The left side box of “Available Templates” lists all the templates defined in the firm’s library. If a user has “Knowledge-Base View and Update Access”, the user can add and edit templates right there.

It provides the ability to:

  • View templates by country (if the firm has subscribed to multiple countries).
  • Search for a template.
  • Click the “Use” button next to the template to generate a letter for a given profile.

Template files with .DOCX extension can only be viewed and edited online. Any old files with .DOC extension need to be downloaded to a desktop for editing.

2. Letters

The right-side box of “Letters” lists all the attached letters for a profile. It provides the ability to:

  • View, Edit, Download, Print, and Delete a letter.
  • Search letters.
  • Manage access levels for corporation and client/foreign national.
  • Manage the status:
  1. Not started
  2. In draft
  3. Sent for Signature
  4. Ready for printing
  • Use the “Fill Pending Keywords” action to pull the data for open keywords.

Sometimes data collection happens over a period of time. So, some of the keywords remain open as there is no data available for them. The “Fill Pending Keywords” action can be used to update these keywords when corresponding data is collected or updated.

  • Use the “Refresh Letter” action to recreate the letter.
  • Use “Activity Log” to view all the activities done on the letter as well as all the letters attached to the profile.
  • Print selected letters.
  • Upload a letter from the desktop for any ad-hoc letter preparation. Managing a template library is a recommended practice.
  • Users can subscribe to the DocuSign feature. Letter management now supports DocuSign to send letters for electronic signature wherever electronic signature is permitted/allowed.

How to use?

Editing a letter template:

To edit a template, click the name of the template to expand the template details, then click the document.

Using a letter template:

To generate a letter, select a template from the library and click Use. The template will move to the Letters section, where the user may take further actions.

Editing a letter detail:

Once a template is moved to the letter section, users may edit the letter details by clicking the edit icon in the actions menu. In the pop-up, users may edit the title and access the letter.

Edit the letter content:

Once a template is moved to the letter section, click the name of the letter to open it in MS Word Online. Users may type in any changes; they are automatically saved.

Adding additional letters:

Users may add additional letters using the method above; however, all documents on the Letters side must have a status of In Draft, Sent for Signature or Ready for Printing before another document can be moved over.

Fill Pending Keywords:

Sometimes data collection happens over a period of time. As such, some of the keywords remain open as there is no data available for them. The “Fill Pending Keywords” action can be used to update these keywords when corresponding data is collected or updated.

Refresh Letter:

Use this link to recreate a letter from scratch.

Print or Download a letter:

To print or download a letter, select the Preview icon from the Actions menu, then use the print menu in the pop-up box to print or download the document.

Upload a document from the desktop:

If the Super Admin has not uploaded the template you need, you may upload a document from the desktop. Click the Upload button, select a document from your computer by clicking the Browse button, or drag the document to the dropzone. Create a title and set the access, then click Save. The user may then edit, print, download, or email the document.


Users may email documents using DocuSign.See the training here to set up DocuSign for the first time.

To send a letter via DocuSign, click the Enable DocuSign Service link:

  • Select the Yes radio button under "Do you have a DocuSign Account?"  
  • Click the Authenticate with DocuSign button to log in to your account.
  • Follow the DocuSign process to send the document.
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