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Tools Tab in GCD

The Tools tab of GCD provides users with options for importing data, reporting on data, managing daily events, and accessing Office plug-ins. Click the respective sections in the Table of Contents to view details on the different tool sections. Note: The Tools tab does not lead to a separate landing page upon click.

CSV Import

CSV (comma-separated-value) files may be imported to GCD for bulk data entry. Most data-oriented systems can produce (export) CSV files from other formats. Microsoft Excel® is often used to generate CSV files for importing to GCD. For more details on this process, please see CSV Import in GCD.

Daily List Preview

The Daily List Preview provides a localized, easy-to-read summary of your workload. 


GCD Reports provide Admins with table or graph-based analysis of team workload, tasks and contracts breakdowns, and many other details on how your team is working in GCD. Users are also able to view reports on Agendas from this screen. 

After selecting the field for reporting, the data can be exported as a table to Excel by clicking the Excel icon.

Email Reminders

The Email Reminders link from the Tools tab will allow GCD to automatically send a copy of the current Daily List Review to a designated email.

After clicking the tab, enter in the desired email address(es) and click OK to send the copy. This does not mean that the emails will be recurring. This process will have to be repeated to send out the Daily List Review in the future. 


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