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Integrating Items in GCD

There are several places in GCD where you may wish to link related items. For example, you may wish to tie a document to a folder or an action, or a supporting document to a contract, or a player to a document. The best way to integrate items is to navigate to the desired section (i.e., Actions), click the Action you'd like to have integrated, and select the integration tab for the item you'd like to add.

To add an Existing Item


Click anywhere on the row that corresponds to the item to be added. The background will turn green. Click as many items as you wish. To deselect an item, hold down the Ctrl key and click. When you are finished selecting items, click the button labeled "Add Selections" To cancel completely, click Cancel.


To remove related items

While in the list of related documents, actions, contracts, or players, hold down the Ctrl key and click the items you wish to remove. The background will turn red. When finished, click Removed Selected. The items will not be deleted entirely; they will only be removed from the current list.

The following table demonstrates the detail tabs available for integration for each item.


Actions Contracts/Documents Notes Emails
Folders Actions Contracts/Documents Players Timeline Notes Emails Calendar
Players Email/Phone Addresses Notes Folders Contracts/Documents
Events/Calendar Details Contracts/Documents Players Notes Emails

Notes about Integrating Items

Items can be added to Agendas from their Details tab at any time or while they are being created. 





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