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Release Notes v3.52.2

March 2023



This page details the issues fixed in EraCLM 3.52.2 release.


Fixed Issues


Issue: DocuSign integration known issues

Description: The agreement status didn’t update in EraCLM when the signature occurred in DocuSign.

Tracking code: ​​DV-10455


Issue: Redlines known issues

Description: Redlines didn’t persist when a parent agreement was negotiated and a child agreement was created. Steps to reproduce:

  1. Controller created an agreement that allows offline negotiation in Microsoft Word.

  2. Controller downloaded the agreement in Word for offline negotiaton on behalf of the counterparty.

  3. Counterparty did changes to the agreement.

  4. Controller uploaded the agreement to EraCLM.

  5. Controller accepted deletions and proposes new values in tags.

  6. Controller downloaded agreement in Word on behalf of counterparty.

  7. Counterparty didn’t make changes.

  8. Controller uploaded the agreement to EraCLM.

  9. Controller created a child agreement with conditional drafting. The conditional drafting modified the same sections that were negotiated before.

  10. The sections appeared with default values instead of the values that were agreed upon in the previous round of negotiation.

Tracking code: ​​DV-10427


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