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Release Notes v3.44.0


June 2022


About This Release

This release resolves issues found in the Framework Builder and Document Editor. We also introduce the Type of collaboration filter in Reports.


This release includes the following enhancements:


Reports. Now Reports contain a new filter and a column named Type of collaboration, which includes the following options: 

  • Always with Counterparty

  • No Counterparty

Bug Fixes


This release includes the following bug fixes:


  • Document Editor. We fixed an issue in which sometimes when there was no counterparty configured in the agreement and more than one acceptor was added to the originating team, the status was set to Pending acceptance on Counterparty.


  • Document Editor. We fixed a copy-paste issue where content was copied from Microsoft Word to EraCLM Document Editor in reverse order, from the last line to the first line.


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