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Release Notes v3.45.0

July 2022


About This Release

We introduce Mitratech rebranding. We also resolved issues found in the Framework Builder, Agreements, and Document Editor. 


This release includes the following enhancements:


Rebranding. We introduce Mitratech’s new branding for EraCLM and EraCLM Express. Now EraCLM has a new footer, a new Mitratech logo, and a new email logo.


Bug Fixes


This release includes the following bug fixes:


  • Document Editor. We fixed an issue with agreements sent to the counterparty and then sent back to team 0, in which tags couldn’t be restored to their previous value.

  • Agreements. We fixed an issue where records were duplicated when double-clicking the Next button.

  • Agreements. We fixed an issue with the agreements list in which sometimes the Move to button didn’t work as expected.

  • Framework Builder. We fixed an issue in which users could edit frameworks even though they were locked at the time.

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