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How to See the Changes History of Your Agreement

ClockIcon.png - Wherever you see this clock icon, you will be able to get to a history view.

There are four ways to view the history of changes to an agreement:

1) From the editor's History menu, you can access the Full History of the agreement, which will show all changes to both tags and text.

2) Clicking on a tag will let you access the history of changes to that tag's value.

TagMenu (1).png

3) Clicking on a section within the agreement will show the toolbar of actions for that section. From there, you can access the history of text changes to that section.

SectionToolbar (1).png

4) Within a section, hover over colored text that to see the menu of options for that text. From there, you can also access the history of changes to that section's text. This popup will only appear for text changes made by other users, not for changes you made.

RedliningHoverScreenshot (1).png

From the history popups, you can click on any version of the text to see a comparison between that version and previous versions. You can select which two versions of the text to compare.


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