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How to Review, Accept, and Reject Changes in a Document

When one of your team members or the counterparty has made a change to an agreement, you may need to review those changes to accept or reject them.


Each item for review has a colored dot to indicate their status:

RedDot.png Red means that the item is pending on you
YellowDot.png Yellow means that the item is pending on someone else
GreenDot.png Green means that the item has been completed (for now)


There are two types of changes that you may need to review: "tagged" terms and section text.

"Tags" are the specific terms within an agreement that is likely to change or be negotiated. Clicking on a tag will allow you to accept ("OK") or reject ("Not OK") the tag's value.

If you reject the tag's value, you can choose to suggest a new value or restore the tag to its previous value, if there was one.


In this example, the "Ipsum" tag is pending on the current user. After clicking on it, the user sees options for approving or rejecting the value "Ipsum", as well as viewing the history of that tag and comments related to it.

Section Text

If there have been changes made to the text of the agreement since the last time you reviewed it, that text will be shown in color. Different colors are used to indicate who made the change.


In the example above, one user added "quo", another removed "nonumy", and the current user added "vibro".

Section Toolbar

When you have clicked on a section, the section header will display a toolbar with some additional options.

Your status for the section (e.g. pending on you, pending on someone else, completed) is shown with a colored dot to the left of the section name.

If the section is locked by another team member, the team member's avatar, editing color, and the lock icon will be displayed:


  •  UserPending.png - This button displays a list of all your team members on whom this section is pending.

  • Changes.png - This button displays the list of changes made to the text in this section, who made each change, and you can also click into the details of what they changed.

  •  Comments.png - This button allows you to manage comments. Comments help you to communicate with others about the contents of this section. Each comment that you write can be made visible to just your team or, your team plus the counterparty.

On the right of the section header, you will find actions based upon the status of the agreement and section.

  • OKButton.png - This button accepts all text changes made by others to this section.

  •  NotOKButton.png - This button rejects some or all of the text changes made by others to this section. After clicking "Not OK", click "with all changes" to reject all text changes within the section. Alternatively, click "with some changes" to go into edit mode on the section. Within edit mode, you can accept or reject individual redlines within the section, as well as make your own edits.

  • EditTextButton.png - If there are no changes by others in this section for you to review, this button allows you to make your own changes to the section text. After clicking "Edit Text", click "with some changes" to go into edit mode.

  • SaveTextButton.png - Once you've started editing the section text, this button saves your changes and releases your lock on the section.

  • XIcon.png - Once you've started editing the section text, this button releases your lock on the section without saving your changes.

Proposing New Section Text

If you select NotOKButton.png and then "with some changes" on a section you're reviewing, you can edit the section text yourself.

Once in edit mode, if you hover over each redlined change made by another user, you will see an additional menu:


This menu shows you who made the change (Hector Perez) and when it was made (26 seconds ago).

The avatars across the bottom indicate your team members. The avatar colors correspond to their text editing colors (orange for HP and blue for LL).

Avatars with a yellow line underneath indicate users who still need to review that specific text change. A green line indicates that the change is not pending on that user.

  • RedlineHistory.png - This button allows you to view the history of text changes to the section.

  • ApproveRedline.png - This button accepts this specific redlined change.

  • RejectRedline.png - This button rejects this specific redlined change.

Once you have accepted or rejected each redlined change made by another user, the section will no longer be pending on you. In some cases, you may also need to click OKButton (1).png in the section header to verify that you agree with all the remaining text in the section.