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How to Create a Negotiation Team

At any point during the drafting or negotiation stage of an Agreement, EraCLM allows you to create negotiation teams, and assign roles and permissions to each team member.

There is no limit for the number of people you can collaborate with, and you can set custom actions for them to execute.

You can create teams for each contract type in different parts of the process.

Creating a Negotiation Team from the Contract Editor

To create a team to negotiate an Agreement within the Contract Editor:

  1. From the Contract Editor, click the Collaborators icon.
  2. Select Edit My Team from the dropdown menu. The system displays the Collaboration Settings dialog box.
  3. Select I will create a new team from the dropdown menu from the How will you work? option. Click Next and the system displays the Collaboration Settings for your team dialog box.
  4. Enter the email of the person you want to add to your negotiation team in the Add a collaborator. Invite by email address text field in the Collaborators column.
  5. Assign the actions for your new team member from the dropdown menu in the Assignment column.

  6. View all sections This new member is only allowed to see all the sections of the Agreement. He cannot negotiate, accept, or decline any part of the Agreement.

  7. Negotiate all sections: This new member is able to negotiate all the sections of the Agreement.
  8. Custom assignment: Set the sections you want the new member to be able to see, and set the actions you want him to perform on each section.

  9. Click the Add icon when you finish adding this member to the negotiation team.

  10. Add the rest of your team members and repeat the same action assignment process.

    Click Next when you finish.

Your new team members are now part of the negotiation process.




The system allows you to start the team creation process in different parts of the contracting process. You can always make changes in the Collaborators icon in the Contract Editor.

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