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How to Create a Record

How to Create a Record for Legacy Documents

EraCLM allows you to create a Record by uploading a PDF document (up to 15MB) executed outside of the platform, so that you can keep track of all your Agreements in EraCLM.

To create a Record:

  1. Login to EraCLM ( using your EraCLM account. The platform displays your Dashboard.

  2. Click the New Agreement button next to the Activity Feed section. Select Record from the dropdown menu. The system displays the Upload PDF Record dialog box.

  3. In the Upload PDF Record dialog box:

    • Fill in the Name field.
    • Add an optional description.
    • From Data capture options, select Use Framework.
    • Fill in the Company Name field with the name of your company.

    Click Next to go to the Upload Documents Completed Offline dialog screen.

  4. In the Upload Documents Completed Offline dialog screen:

    • Drag and drop the PDF file of the Agreement you are uploading or click browse and search for your file in your local machine.

    Click Next to go to the Framework Selection screen.

  5. Choose the framework to use as a template for your Agreement.

  6. The system displays a dialog box with the message "Do you verify that this record is fully signed?".

    • Click Yes if your Agreement is already signed, otherwise click No.
    • The system displays the Agreement state dialog box with the message "Agreement state was changed". Click Ok. Depending on your the configuration of your Framework, the system displays the Collaboration Settings dialog box.
  7. In the Collaboration Settings dialog box, choose if you want to work alonecreate a new team or collaborate with an existing team, and click Next. This option allows you add Viewers to the Record. This Viewers cannot make chankes to the final Document but they have access to the Record.


    If you choose to work alone, EraCLM redirects you the Contract Editor. To know more about the Contract Editor, refer to Appendix A: Contract Editor

    If you select I will work with an existing team, select from the dropdown list the Agreement where you worked with the team you want for this new Record. Click Next. The system adds this team to your new Record.

    Confirm the members of the existing team and their assigned actions. Modify if needed and click Next.


    To know more about team creation, refer to How to Create a Negotiation Team.

  8. The system displays the Term View and shows you the tags configured in your framework. Fill out the tags accordingly.

  9. Click the Actions icon and select Close editor. The system redirects you to the My Agreements section.

The system shows your uploaded file in the Agreement listing.
To view your uploaded file, click on the Record you created, click the View icon and select Preview from the dropdown menu.

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