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Paper Settings

Learn all the terms that are used in Paper Settings section.

To change the Paper Settings (optional):

  1. Expand Paper Settings (if necessary).
  2. The Paper Settings options are described in Table 126.

Table 126. Terminology: Style Sheet Editor – Paper Settings



Paper Height

When Paper Size is set to Custom, this changes the height (in pixels) of the page. When Page Size is not set to Custom, this setting is ignored.

Paper Size

Changes the paper size to the selected standard or choose Custom and use Paper Height and Paper Width to set a custom page size.

Paper Width

When Paper Size is set to Custom, this changes the width (in pixels) of the page.

Portrait Orientation

When set to False, the page orientation is Landscape. When set to

True, the page Orientation is Portrait.

When you have completed the selections, click Save to remember the settings, or Close to reject the settings and exit the Style Sheet Editor.

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