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DataStore®DSX uses Devices and Depots to store imported data and Audit information.

Depots are created on a device such as a Windows Partition or attached external storage device.
Storage Devices and Depots can be added, deleted, refreshed, edited, etc., via various menus and buttons. This chapter describes the functionality once, in detail. Other menus and buttons provide links to additional detailed descriptions.

Note: If Storage is not displayed in the tree view, you do not have Permissions to View Storage. If Storage is displayed in the tree view but the right-click menu options are dimmed, you do not have Permissions to Manage Storage. See “Users and Groups”  and “Permissions Inheritance” for more information.


Note: Click on an option in the Storage tree view or the buttons on the Storage tab in the graphic above to go to the relevant topic. 

Note: You must set up Depots to store the automatically indexed, imported and scanned documents in DataStore®DSX. If you have no Depots configured you will be unable to store any documents either through Indexing Studio or through Automated Indexing in Management Studio. When you try, you will see the following message:


First create a Storage Device and then create a Depot on the Device.

This message is also displayed when there is no available depot on which to store documents because one or more of the following has occurred:

Note: When Creating Devices and Depots, Management Studio Client must be running on the same machine as the DataStore®DSX Server. Attempting to create a device using a Management Studio Client that is running on a different machine will not work. The interface controls for device addition and deletion will not be displayed. 

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