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Standard Search Tab

This is step by step guide to Standard Search Tab.

Clicking on a Standard Search tab, or on the Show or Hide the Search Template Selection list panel icon, displays a lists of all Search Templates.


Double-click on a Search Template to open it.

Click here to Select a Search Template

Click on Click here to select a search template... to open the Advanced Search Selection menu.



Select this option to display the list of your favourite Search Templates. If you have not added any Favourites, None is displayed. See “Add to Favourites” and Remove from Favouritesfor more information.

Double-click on a Search Template to open it.

Search Template Selection List

Select this option to display the complete list of Search Templates under the Standard Search tab.

Double-click on a Search Template to open it.

List of Favourites and Search Templates

When you add Search Templates to your Favourites, they are listed below the Favourites heading. See “Add to Favourites” and Remove from Favourites” for more information.

All Search Templates which are available to you are listed below the Search Templates heading.

Double-click a Search Template to open it.

Alternatively, right-click on a Search Template to display the Search Template Options menu. The menu options are described below.


Use Search Template

Select Use Search Template to open the selected Search Template.

Add to Favourites

See “Add to Favourites” for more information.

Remove from Favourites

Select Remove From Favourites to remove the current Search Template from your list of Favourite Search Templates. 

Manage Favourites

If you have added too many favourite Search Templates and their management is becoming inefficient or difficult, you can use the Manage Favourites window to select different views, sort the displayed list and remove some or all of the listed favourites.

The buttons shown in the Manage Favourites window are described in Table 180.

Table 180. Terminology: Searching Client Manage Favourites Buttons




Change the view between: Large Icons, Small Icons, List and Details.


Sort the displayed list alphabetically.

Remove All Favourites

Remove all listed Search Templates from your Favourites list.

Remove Selected Favourite

Remove individually selected Search Templates from your Favourites list.

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