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Following are the frequently used buttons in DataStoreDSX, so have a look if you are confused about any of them.

Delete Button image

The Delete button enables you delete the selected Custom Field Type, Data Definition, Search Template, Style Sheet, Device or Depot. From the tree view, select the item you which to delete and click the Delete button.

Filter Button image

The Filter button enables you to add or edit and existing filter. This button is active when Devices or a configured Device is selected in the tree view. When there is an active filter, the 

button changes to: image 

Click the button to create a Filter or to edit the current filter, as appropriate. See “Filter Settings” for information of filter settings for devices and Filter (Depots)” for information of filtering Depots.

Clear Filter image

Select this option to remove the configured filter setting for the Devices or the Depots of the selected Device. This option is only available when a Filter Setting has been configured for all the Devices or the selected Device. See “Remove Filter” for information on removing a filter from all the Devices or Remove Filter” for information on removing a Depot filter from a Device.

Refresh image

The Refresh button refreshes the tree view of the selected item.

Properties image

When a Device or a Depot is selected, clicking this button displays the Device or Depot Properties. See “Properties (Device)” for information on Device Properties or Properties (Depot)” for information on Depot Properties.

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